The Return

And so I decide it’s time to resurrect this short lived project of mine, mainly because I’m bored, so don’t expect any literary genius spouting from me.

Today was mine and Eric’s scheduled return to EVE, probably not the best move as we are half way through some serious business exams but still I miss it. On the deactivation of my account I had just got out of the wormhole we’d spent a lot of time in, and I was 55 jumps from Villore in my WH fitted Loki. I had plenty of time to kill and I was in the familiar grounds of Aeschee before not too long, after somehow managing to avoid 2x Hurricanes and a Vagabond on the way after I semi-afk’d into their little setup.

For no real reason I suddenly got a bit panicky about how Old Man Star would be, but based on the fact that local in the surrounding systems was all but empty I proceeded onwards and BOOM!, a nice big camp in Aeschee…I did my best to burn back to the gate and overheat everything but I went pop about 300m from the jump point. A nice welcome back from EVE on my first night 🙂 But I was determined not to be too bothered about it, and I guess I got back to Villore that little bit quicker.

Now, however, comes my real dilemma, what to replace the Loki with. I have no real ships around, and I want to get into something that will enable me to run some missions in Villore quickly, and still have some vague cool factor. I first thought of a Cynabal, but a quick check of their prices versus my current wallet showed I’m going to need a few more millions before I can afford one of them. Next my train of thought took me to an Omen Navy Issue. It looks sweet and is a very nice ship, but I haven’t trained Amarr at all yet, and I couldn’t shut up the voice in my head that reminded me there was no need for something with that kind of price tag at the moment.

In other news I got to play around with the new Carbon Character Creator which I think is really cool, I didn’t think to screen shot as I was making both of my characters, but here are Ranger Aliutr and Claire Dentaar, I still need to add Logan at some other point. While I was writing this I got invited to the Miss EVE 2011 competition for best Female Avatar, as have a ton of other people, so I thought that was pretty funny! 🙂

Rest In Pieces


~ by Ranger Alitur on January 20, 2011.

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