IQ 001: Guest Post!

The first in what is hopefully a series of guest posts. This is from IQ, our resident beacon of RPT’ing (Role-Playing Trolling) brightness in the void of space… This stuff is pretty much a drug to him, so without further ado:


IQ 001 > attention all miners and 2F holders
IQ 001 > we are pleased to announce the introduction of the SCS
IQ 001 > Ship Repatriation Scheme, open to 2F holders only

Matthias171 > is IQ 001 on?
Matthias171 > hey there nice exemption form
Matthias171 > that took some thought

IQ 001 > remember, we want ur real-life spaceship details
IQ 001 > no point in giving us fake ones…

This is where the carebear gets carebearishly stoopid
SMO30SCO > please explain real life
IQ 001 > the spaceship u fly in real life

Someone gets its…
Matthias171 > did you want my pos password so you can inspect it too?
IQ 001 > only if ur POS is in the congestions zone

Someone else doesn’t….
SMO30SCO > cool in real life I don’t fly so I’m exempt that’s brill, but you are asking for my real life personal details which as I have said before is against the user agreement and is ban-able
IQ 001 > congestion zone = kairtanne

I try to let him know I’m role playing
IQ 001 > user agreement?

Someone else still gets it and plays along
Matthias171 > idk it might be. here ill contract over all my ships and stuff you so you can inspect it

IQ 001 > i never signed no user agreement with concord
SMO30SCO > eve user agreement, the agreement that allows you to play this game
IQ 001 > i do have 1 with the Sch 5 gov though, and they have only 1 article
IQ 001 > no illegal mining
SMO30SCO > if you did not sign (by way of a tick) you must have hacked it….. keep
SMO30SCO > I may petition against you but if that fails I have to think about taking
real life legal action against you…. as what you are asking depending on the country of residence is illegal
IQ 001 > ur an idiot
Matthias171 > lol
IQ 001 > i want ur real life SPACE SHIP name

He still didn’t get it, how here comes the lulz!
SMO30SCO > thats deformation of character and published on the internet and also illegal and I can now sue you for your pennies……
Matthias171 > you mean defamation?
SMO30SCO > yeah soz, was busy phoning my lawyer and mistyped
IQ 001 > lawl

IQ 001 > im blogging this

And the lulz get better…
SMO30SCO > I do not wish any of my in game messages copied and published on the
internet, you do not have my permission for that.
IQ 001 > yeah i do
SMO30SCO > No you do not.
IQ 001 > yes i do
IQ 001 > im gona make u FAMOUS! (sorry IQ, no-one reads this)
SMO30SCO > No you do not.
IQ 001 > yes, yes i do
SMO30SCO > do not.
IQ 001 > yes i do

Myhilista > lol
Myhilista > just read the whole argument…. lol

Gotta check see what our finest Scheenins lawyers say…
IQ 001 > i just checked with our lawyers, they said hes acting illegally
IQ 001 > and must be punished
IQ 001 > but they only allow for a bounty of .5isks to be placed on his hulk….

Mazzie is from Scheenins 2 (illegal government there as far PANIC and Scheenins 5 are concerned)
Mazzic Karde > stfu IQ 😀

At this time i remind all Scheenins residents that non holders that they will be fined for no compliance to local laws and their ships repatriated
SMO30SCO > can I be one of those missioners please IQ i’d like to see you try

So there were go.

SMO30SCO is now bountied.
500,000,000 if u collect the KM of him in a nice old mission in a nice old faction ship.

Contact me, mkay?

So IQ, there are your exciting few words of internet fame, I hope you enjoy them. In other news, our original pirate/pizza-eating machine yoyo has returned, who is apparently upset with his lack of a mention…


~ by Ranger Alitur on September 9, 2010.

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