Obvious trap not so obvious…

So there I am, spinning my shiny new jaguar in station, as per usual, when Eric mentions in Corp I should come and bait some mining barges, having nothing better to do, and an interesting ability to miss all the action, I undocked straight away.

The usual cries and attempted hate against P.A.N.I.C’s forms came in while I was on-route:

Supream Ruler > state your buisness
SKINNYERIC1 > stopping people jet can mining without necessary paperwork
Supream Ruler > you took his stuff
SKINNYERIC1 > it was illegally mined ore
Supream Ruler > how?
SKINNYERIC1 > has he filled in a 2F form? no
Supream Ruler > 2f
Supream Ruler > that not real
SKINNYERIC1 > its pretty real. I just stole from him because he failed to fill it in
Supream Ruler > who runs the 2f?

7 jumps later and I land in the belt, Supream Ruler and Pentiumjul in a Comrorant and Retriever respectively. At this point Eric realised im not paying attention and shouts something along the lines of GTFO OUT THE BELT BEFORE THEY SEE US TOGETHER. So I start aligning out, and as my warp drive spins up, I get a convo invite from Supream. What he said then starts a good 10 mins of hilarity.

Supream Ruler > want to help me kill someone
Ranger Aliutr > why not ive been spinning in station for like 5 hours
Supream Ruler > ok then
Supream Ruler > he has a nemesis
Ranger Aliutr > let me guess
Ranger Aliutr > skinnyeric1
Supream Ruler > yup :Dhe will die
Supream Ruler > i gots the warp jammer
Ranger Aliutr > ok
Ranger Aliutr > is he stealing from you?
Supream Ruler > u got a better ship than him?
Ranger Aliutr > yeah assualt frig
Supream Ruler > from my freind and me
Ranger Aliutr > i can take a sb easy
Ranger Aliutr > ill fleet you
Supream Ruler > ok then

The fact that alarm bells wern’t ringing when I guessed the cloaked Nemesis I hadn’t even seen was Eric still amazes me. The problem now was trying to get both the Comorant and the Retriever to do something that would allow me to shoot them. We came up with confusing them with agression mechanics, and amazingly they happily took my 1 unit of ammo each, and promptly went red, thinking that would mean we could all shoot this pesky stealth bomber.

With that we wasted no time in scrambling and killing both of them, first the Cormorant then the Retriever.

Suddenly came the realisation:

Supream Ruler > u screw bag
Ranger Aliutr > seriously im so suprised you didnt realise we’re in the same corp
Supream Ruler > well i was gonna pay u
Supream Ruler > u didnt have to kill me
Supream Ruler > u couldve said no im not gonna help u
Supream Ruler > i didnt even do anything wrong

Oh but you did Supream, believe me. A 2-F was handed to the miner, and we recieved the usual war-dec threats. We got talking to them, and for some reason Supream decided to come back and loot from his wreck. Bad idea as we were still lurking the belt, and pop goes his Badger. Pentium then returned in a Catalyst that was also promptly destroyed, as was the Velator he undocked in next.

Of course this all just proves the big, big unofficial EVE rule, don’t be so trusting with people you’ve never met, and check pilot’s infos before you hire them to kill their friends…


~ by Ranger Alitur on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Obvious trap not so obvious…”

  1. ur such a hard ass

  2. we try 🙂

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